Stand out from the crowd and think differently on how your private healthcare is delivered.

Almost all private healthcare websites will lead with ‘special features’ or how comprehensive the cover on offer is. The truth is, today most healthcare products and services are very similar and hard to differentiate. 

We think differently, yes, the product offering is important, but most importantly to us, how good is your healthcare policy at point of claim? How good is any insurance product at point of claim? We believe having a swift, empathetic approach to your healthcare claim is paramount.

We will answer your call within minutes, by a human being who really does want to help, and with no automation service to give you the run around. Your claim will be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and empathetically.   

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You have a medical problem, your GP refers you for tests or a specialist consultation. You want to find out what is wrong with you as quickly as possible. So do we; that’s why calls to our claims line are answered promptly and our claims process is so simple. This really is the time you want your healthcare provider to be right by your side. We pride ourselves that we will be, every step of the way.

All Claims Calls Answered Promptly and efficiently

Our claims team have immediate access to a qualified nurse if needed. We will assess your claim and when approved give authorisation for treatment. Our claims team regularly feedback that patients have often stated, ‘Oh, Is that it? It’s so easy’.

Full Medical Understanding of your Problem

All our claims team members will treat your call with absolute empathy and understanding. If needed, our staff will call on a qualified nurse for extra guidance or advice on your medical condition.

Access to Top Medical Consultants & Hospitals

We will help guide you to the correct clinical pathway for your specific condition. We offer a vast list of consultants specialising to all areas of medical fields. We also offer a vast array of private hospitals/facilities throughout the UK.

Protex Health Insurance


  • Quick claims service with access to medically trained nurses.
  • We offer mid-range and comprehensive policies which will pay for In-patient, Day-patient and Out-patient treatment.
  • 24/hr Private GP Access through our MediDoc Virtual GP Service.
  • We provide an excellent hospital list throughout the UK.
  • We have access to 1,000’s of medical specialists covering all areas of medical expertise.
  • We offer a full range of excess options.
  • We offer multiple cover options.
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About Us

We started at the end of the journey, rather than the beginning

Almost all private healthcare websites will lead with ‘special features’ or how comprehensive the cover on offer is. The truth is, today most healthcare products and services are very similar and hard to differentiate. 

We believe the most important feature of any insurance product comes after you have purchased your policy. 

How easy is it to claim? If you were to make a claim, how long would it take to speak to a human and be able to talk through the reason for the claim? Some may want a more automated service, how seamless is that process? These are the real important questions to ask and seek out the answers.

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Why Choose Protex Health Insurance?

A medical condition necessitates reliable insurance. In this time you need minimal fuss, a caring, helping hand and a quick response.

There are three main things that normally cause people to take out private medical insurance plans.

The first of these three reasons is the higher level of choice that private medical insurance can offer its policy holders. This choice can range from being a choice of your preferred hospital to a choice of your favoured consultant. This means that people with private medical insurance are more likely to be able to feel comfortable in their environment and medical personnel than those who are on the NHS.

The second reason that people often have for opting for private medical insurance is the speed with which it enables you to receive your treatment. This is because most private hospitals have much shorter waiting lists than NHS hospitals, if they have a waiting list at all. This means that you are sure to receive your treatment as quickly as possible and it therefore often means that the treatment can be more effective.

The third reason that so many people choose to take out private medical insurance, is the fact that the quality of your care can often be much higher in private facilities than in hospitals run by the National Health Service. This is not to say that you will receive poor medical care from the NHS but simply that the less stretched budgets of private companies allow for a higher standard of hospital. What's more is that you will probably receive a private room if you receive treatment privately, this is often seen as one of the biggest plus points of being treated privately.

Health insurance plans are typically designed to provide cover for the treatment of what are referred to as acute medical conditions. Acute medical conditions are normally defined as short term illnesses, curable diseases or injuries. This means that if you have what is known as a "chronic condition", it is more than likely that it will not be covered by your health insurance plan. However it is still possible to take out health insurance plans if you have a chronic condition, the condition itself will simply be excluded from your plan. This means that if you suffer any other conditions that are deemed to be treatable and acute, you will still be covered for anything that is not linked to your pre-existing condition.

It is very important to check with us directly, before you decide to sign up to any form of agreement. We will be able to advise you based on your own personal medical history.

The quick answer to this question is, yes, you can. Although most people do not know which consultant is the correct one to see. Your GP can give you an open referral letter and let us with our experience help you choose the correct consultant for your particular medical problem. You can also choose the hospital you are treated in, we have two different hospital lists. It is very important you choose the correct hospital list whilst taking out your policy to make sure the hospital you want is included. 

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