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Our Approach to Your Healthcare Claim is Unmatched

You have a medical problem, your GP refers you for tests or a specialist consultation. You want to find out what is wrong with you as quickly as possible. So do we; that’s why calls to our claims line are answered promptly and our claims process is so simple. This really is the time you want your healthcare provider to be right by your side. We pride ourselves that we will be, every step of the way.

All Claims Calls Answered Promptly and efficiently

Our claims team have immediate access to a qualified nurse if needed. We will assess your claim and when approved give authorisation for treatment. Our claims team regularly feedback that patients have often stated, ‘Oh, Is that it? It’s so easy’.

Full Medical Understanding of your Problem

All our claims team members will treat your call with absolute empathy and understanding. If needed, our staff will call on a qualified nurse for extra guidance or advice on your medical condition.

Access to Top Medical Consultants & Hospitals

We will help guide you to the correct clinical pathway for your specific condition. We offer a vast list of consultants specialising to all areas of medical fields. We also offer a vast array of private hospitals/facilities throughout the UK.

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