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Why choose private health insurance

Concerns surrounding your health can induce stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Private health insurance can help give you peace of mind with quicker access to consultants, diagnosis, and treatment.

At Protex, we work with a comprehensive list of hospitals, medical centres and consultants across the UK. This means we can direct you to the most appropriate facility within your locality.

Benefits of Protex Health

Choosing Protex as your private health insurance provider means you’ll benefit from the following:

· Expenses covered – Depending on your choice of plan, Protex will cover part or all your authorised medical expenses.

· Fast access – Seeking healthcare via the NHS can leave you at the mercy of long waiting lists and inconvenient appointments. Protex can help secure you an appointment quickly and during a time that suits you, your lifestyle and work commitments.

· Range of hospitals – Seeking healthcare publicly means you’re usually directed to your nearest NHS hospital. We work with a large network of hospitals, consultants, and healthcare facilities across the UK. Which means we can guide you to the most suitable specialist in your locality.

· Peace of mind – Our health insurance plans give you complete peace of mind, providing financial and medical protection should you fall victim to any unexpected health issues.

· Simplified claims – We have a simplified nurse-led claims process, with phone calls answered promptly. Nurses are available to provide a full understanding of any medical condition and direct you to the most suitable consultant.

· Virtual GP – At Protex, all our policyholders can access a 24/7 virtual GP service. This gives you immediate access to a GP, ensuring quicker referral to a consultant, which leads to quicker diagnosis, quicker treatment and ultimately a quicker recovery.

Who needs private health insurance

Health issues are both unpredictable and inevitable. Health insurance offers protection should you fall victim to a spell of ill health.

Whilst it is impossible to predict medical emergencies, there are some instances where a health insurance plan could prove particularly beneficial, these include:

· Age – As we age the probability of needing medical attention increases.

· Employment – Those of us who are self-employed, or freelancers do not have access to employer sponsored healthcare and as such might benefit from a health insurance plan.

· Finances – If paying for private treatment is unaffordable, a health insurance policy can help by paying a monthly premium over time.

· Additional features – Trying to obtain a GP appointment can often be a very difficult and stressful process. Our healthcare policies provide access to a private 24/7 virtual GP, offering video or face-to-face consultations. This might be beneficial if you struggle to achieve an appointment with your current GP and are inconvenienced by their office hours.

· Access to public health – Public healthcare can leave you battling with long waiting lists and limited appointments. A health insurance plan can help you access specialist services quickly, at a time that suits you.

What is covered by private health insurance

Health insurance plans typically provide cover for the treatment of acute medical conditions. Acute medical conditions are normally defined as short-term illnesses, curable diseases, or injuries. This means that if you have any chronic conditions that are deemed incurable and are ongoing, it is more than likely that it will not be covered by your health insurance plan. However, it is still possible to take out health insurance plans if you have a chronic condition, treatment of this condition will simply be excluded from your plan. This means that if you fall victim to any other conditions that are deemed to be treatable and acute, you will still be covered, providing they are not a side-effect of your pre-existing condition.

Your private health insurance plan will also not provide cover for any voluntary cosmetic or aesthetic procedures.

If you have a pre-existing condition, we recommend speaking with us directly, before you decide to sign up to any form of agreement. We will be able to advise you on your plan and level of cover based on your own personal medical history.

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